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FAQs | Mineral Makeup

Frequently Asked Questions


MEGAN POTTER makeup is a powder.  Won’t it dry my skin?

The natural minerals in our makeup are finely milled crystals and are in-soluable in water.  In other words, the powders cannot absorb the moisture in your skin.  They can, however, absorb the natural oils in your skin, perfect for preventing an oily shine.


Will you ever release a liquid foundation? 

No, because we made the decision to offer our customers the best and turning it into a liquid would mean adding ingredients including synthetics that can irritate sensitive skin.

Try mixing our foundation powder with one of our Facial Oils or Pure Primer to make a liquid-like foundation instead.


Do I need to buy a Kabuki brush?

Mineral foundation powder is most efficiently applied using a Kabuki brush.  The Kabuki has dense soft bristles that hold onto the fine powder.  Using other types of brushes will result in powder falling off the brush, and you will experience wastage and your makeup will not last you as long.

You can watch our product demonstration here. 


How long will my MEGAN POTTER makeup last on my face?

It should last you all day and into the evening.  If you perspire during the day make sure you blot your face with a tissue or towel.  Do not wipe your face as this will wipe off your makeup.  Due to the properties of our mineral makeup it will remain on your face during a work-out!  Due to the pure minerals our makeup will allow you to perspire naturally, just like you weren’t wearing any makeup. 

For extra staying power, try our Organic & Mineral Pure Primer before you apply your makeup, and Mineral Setting Powder either after you apply your makeup, or throughout the day as needed to touch up shine.


Why is MEGAN POTTER the purest makeup?

MEGAN POTTER is essentially finely ground crystals.  Turning mineral makeup into liquid or pressed powder makeup requires additional ingredients and additional processing.


I have used mineral makeup before and I did not like it.  How is MEGAN POTTER makeup different?

Many mineral makeup products contain synthetic ingredients additional to the natural minerals.  These additional ingredients are either used to allow the product to be processed into a liquid or pressed powder, or used to dilute the makeup, making it cheaper. Unfortunately, many people have reactions to the synthetic ingredients.

Some mineral makeup brands contain ingredients that are used as fillers to make the product cheaper to manufacture.  Most commonly used is talc and kaolin clay.  Both talc and clay are minerals, however they absorb water, and hence this type of makeup will dry out your skin.  The drying of your skin will make you more prone to wrinkles.  MEGAN POTTER minerals are 100% crystals, and as crystals do not absorb water our products will not dry your skin.


Mineral powder foundation Vs traditional loose powder

Loose powder or face powder is applied to your face to set traditional foundation, and then re-used throughout the day to minimise shine. The main ingredient is talcum powder or corn starch.  It binds to the water in our skin, leaving our skin dry.  

Pure mineral foundation powder has completely different ingredients.  MEGAN POTTER makeup will not leave your skin dry, and doesn’t need additional powders or products to ‘set’ it, or mop up extra oil or shine throughout the day.

If you would like to use a powder to touch up during the day we have a Mineral Setting Powder that will not dry your skin, and comes in a handy puff applicator jar.


What are the ingredients in pure mineral makeup?

MEGAN POTTER makeup has gone through the minimal amount of processing, and is the closest makeup to the original minerals available.  The ingredients are: Mica, Zinc Oxide, Titanium Dioxide, Ultramarines and Tin Oxide.


How does MEGAN POTTER makeup have an SPF if it’s all natural?

One of the mineral ingredients in our makeup is Zinc Oxide.  Zinc is found naturally in many foods, including fish, nuts, eggs, meat and chicken, seeds and even chocolate! 

Zinc helps our bodies in many ways, from fighting the common cold and for general good health.  Zinc is an anti-inflammatory and fights free radical damage.  So, when applied to our skin Zinc helps to treat acne, aging skin, herpes simplex infections and to speed wound healing, skin oiliness and rashes.  It also protects against UVA and UVB light rays, so it is a non-toxic sunscreen.

Pure mineral makeup is safe and often recommended by doctors following facial surgery, and cosmetic procedures.


MEGAN POTTER makeup seems expensive.  How long will it last me?

Below is a guide as to how long your makeup will last you with normal every day application. Please keep in mind that this varies from person to person depending on how much you wear and how often you use it.

Mineral foundation powder:  3 months to 6 months

Mineral bronzer powder: 1-2 years

Mineral blush powder: 3-5 years

Mineral brow dust: 3-5 years


I don’t wear makeup very often.  Does MEGAN POTTER makeup change or go bad after a time?

MEGAN POTTER makeup only contains natural minerals.  These crystals are chemically inert, and are unable to harbor bacteria that can damage, dry out or thicken other types of makeup.  Your MEGAN POTTER makeup will remain consistent over the years.


What is the difference between Blush, Warm Bronzer and Cool Contouring Dust?
Warm Bronzer and Cool Contouring Dust will give you a tanned, or sun-kissed look.
Warm Bronzer is for warm skin. Cool Contouring Dust is for cool skin.
They are applied under your cheek bone to outline, or contour it. You can leave it here for a natural day time look, or add blush.
The purpose of using blush is to define the apple of your cheeks, giving them a hint of healthy rosy glow. Blush comes in your pinks, rose and boysenberry colours, whereas the Warm Bronzer and Cool Contouring Dust are quite different, and are earthy or dark brown in colour.
Watch the video to learn how to apply them.


What is non-comedogenic?

Comedogenic refers to ingredients that have a tendency to block pores and promote comedones.  What are they?  Blackheads, whiteheads and pimples!

We take skin care seriously, which is why all MEGAN POTTER makeup is non-comedogenic.


Where can I find your refund and return policy?