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You probably don't need a primer

What exactly is makeup primer and do you need it?

What is Primer?

Makeup primer is a cream product that you apply to your face after moisturising and before applying makeup. It is used to create a smooth, flawless base and helps to reduce the appearance of enlarged pores, reduces shine and oil and helps your foundation stay put for longer. It has become very popular in recent years and you may have heard the expression Not to prime is a crime.


My Story

I have rosacea and acne and as such I benefit from a primer. Unfortunatly most primers on the market are made using a type of silicone called dimethicone. When you rub it between your finders it feels like silk. It is not silk. Dimethicone is a plastic-like liquid. This ingredient offers short term gain for long term loss.


Not everyone needs to prime their skin before applying makeup.  If you have dry to normal skin and small pores you just don’t need a primer.


Dimethicones acts as an emulsifier, binding water based and oil based ingredients together. However it is this ability to lock in water and its large molecules that has it fill and block pores. You can also find dimethicone in moisturisers, cleansers and some hair products – I always suggest checking ingredients labels before you buy.


After struggling to find a primer that was made from 100% natural ingredients I created my own. My Organic and Mineral Pure Primer has a beautiful rose water base, which calms my sensitive skin and witch hazel, which naturally tightens pores and reduces their appearance without clogging.


Special Occasions Only

I recommend using silicone/dimethicone-based primers only on special occasions, and opt for a dimethicone free primer for everyday use.  Otherwise you might find your pores look larger, you have breakouts, and enlarged orange peel skin.   It can become a vicious cycle.


When applying any primer use sparingly. Primer can be used on your entire face or just on your t-zone (forehead, nose and chin). Wait a few minutes before applying your foundation.

Megan x

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