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What is the difference between Organic Makeup and Mineral Makeup?


Organic makeup and mineral makeup in some ways are the same. Both are made from ingredients that are naturally occurring. Organic makeup is made using plants from organic sources. These plant-based ingredients have been grown without any pesticides or insecticides. Certified Organic makeup also has no synthetic ingredients.

Mineral makeup ingredients are not plant based, and as such are inorganic, or inert. They do not contain anything living, in other words nothing that is plant or animal based. However, these minerals are naturally occurring and just as natural as organic ingredients. The minerals are ground or milled into the finest lightweight powder to produce mineral makeup.

It is important to remember that some mineral makeup contains ingredients that are not needed.  These additional or filler ingredients are mineral but not good for your skin. They are added to simply reduce the cost of the product. Cheap fillers are often the cause of skin irritation, blocked pores and dry skin. Fillers include talc, kaolin clay, bismuth oxychloride and rice powder.

Titanium Dioxide 

MEGAN POTTER mineral makeup powders are made using the purest mica, zinc oxide, titanium dioxide, ultramarines and tin oxide available. Most minerals are from Australia, and when it is necessary to source minerals from other countries, only ethically sourced minerals are used.

All our lipsticks, lip gloss and our pure primer are made from both minerals and organic ingredients.

Megan x

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  • I have been using Thin Lizzie mineral make-up……Is this make up drying my skin.
    also, what is the difference from Mineral to Bronzer?
    What is a suitable foundation for a mature dry skin?

    Beverley Ann Easton

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