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What is Certified Organic anyway?

Why Certified Organic?

Organic is not just chemical free, it is a wholistic approach to the growing and handling of ingredients.  The whole system is linked – soil, plants, animals, food, people, and the environment. When you choose Certified Organic you are assured that every link is rigorously tested and held to the highest international standards. 

Each step in the supply chain from the farm to your bathroom is independently audited.  This offers a guarantee of the following:


SOIL & PLANTS – Biodegradable practices

ANIMALS – Cruelty free

FOOD & COSMETICS - No use of toxic pesticides or herbicides.  Raw materials are minimally processed to reserve their natural properties, offering you our customers the highest quality ingredients.

PEOPLE – No child labour, and no unethical labour practices

ENVIRONMENT – Ecologically sustainable


The Australian Certified Organic logos offer reassurance that all the product ingredients have been certified to the Australian Certified Organic Standard and have met rigorous certification checks.  This is one of the most respected and rigorous standards in the world for organic production.

Friendlier and innovative, Certified Organic is your guarantee that the whole system is clean and is a symbol of integrity.

Megan x

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