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Makeup For Over 60s

Due to several requests this week's newsletter is a re-share of my top 12 makeup tips for over 60.  As we get older our skin takes on a thinner, paler and sometimes clear appearance.  We all want to look our best at every age and in this newsletter I offer makeup tips that are fabulous for women of all ages, and especially so for those a little older.  My tutorial below is great for women of all ages, especially those with hooded eyelids.

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Final Tip:  If you only wear one makeup product make it yourI 


I think I need professional help ... a maid a butler and a chef should do it! - ANON


I'm re-sharing my Jennifer Lawrence inspired tutorial below as it's great for those with a hooded eyelid.Youtube video

I hope you find my tips useful, and have a great weekend!  


Megan x

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