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Make Sure Your Makeup Lasts All Day ... And Into The Night Too!

The Day Before

Creating the perfect base starts the day before.  If you have an important day coming up make sure you drink plenty of water the day prior, and get plenty of sleep.  I talk in detail about the importance of sleep in my Beauty Sleep fact sheet.

The Night Before

Cleanse with a gentle oil and face washer.  Ensure you use warm to hot water to remove all the excess oil and gently rub your face as you remove the cleanser.  This action will act as a gentle exfoliant.  Then apply a facial oil to moisturise your skin. 

In the Morning

In the morning apply facial oil only if your skin needs it.  If you are using a quality facial oil you will probably be able to skip this step.

Apply a primer, and allow a few minutes for it to settle before applying your foundation.

Now it is time to apply your foundation.  You might like to add an additional layer, and use a small fluffy brush to add additional foundation powder to areas that need concealing, such as your eye area and around your nose.

After you have applied all your makeup set your foundation, bronzer and /or blush for the day using a Setting Powder.  Pat all over your face gently as to not ‘move’ your other makeup products.

Take your setting powder with you so you can touch up any shine throughout the day and into the evening, and don't forget to take your favorite lipstick or lip gloss with you too!

My biggest tip for making sure your makeup lasts all day is to consciously make sure that you don’t touch your face.


Megan X



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