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How to recycle cosmetic packaging.

Working in the cosmetics industry has provided us with a dilemma … we want to use packaging that has a zero or low impact on the environment, yet we have been advised that a truly green option is still three to four years away from being commercially available.
We considered glass bottles and jars …. glass manufacturing requires an enormous amount of energy and the process itself releases harmful emissions, plus when transporting glass jars require additional padding to prevent breakage. 
Then we considered using the current bio-plastic tubes, however these are often lined with plastic to prevent the contents from damaging the tubes.  
Recycled plastic is often discoloured and contains brittle ‘spots’, making them less reliable than virgin plastic.
So we are a bit stuck at the moment, but have a goal of replacing all our plastic packaging for a bio alternative by 2026.
In the mean time it is so important for us to recycle as much plastic, soft plastic and glass as we can.

Did you know Coles and Woolworths collect soft plastics for recycling? such as plastic wrap and plastic bags...



Sadly our local councils do not recycle everything. You can take cosmetic packaging here to be recycled:
David Jones BeautyCycle
or post them to TerraCycle.
Your council should recycle bottles, but most do not have the facilities to recycle the more complex components of cosmetic packaging such as pump lids, mascara wands, lipstick tubes and anything that combines metal and plastic.

New Life?

I recently read that less than 10% of plastic is recycled.  Plastics are great recycled into roads and park benches, so it is worth the effort to recycle what we can.  


Recycling turns things into other things … It's like magic!


Megan x


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