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Hooded Eye Beauty - Jennifer Lawrence Look

The Jennifer Lawrance Look

When Mandy was watching a movie recently, she noticed that Jennifer Lawrence has a hooded eye lid, which led to a Google search of ‘Jennifer Lawrence makeup’ looks. The eye shadow technique I have created today was inspired by one of our favourite Jennifer Lawrence red carpet looks.

What I'm wearing

Glowing Mineral Foundation
Cool Contouring Dust
Raspberry Tide blush
Blonde Brow Dust
Mermaid Shell eye shadow
Dusky Rose Blush
Sun Seeker eye shadow
Shell Reflection highlighter
Sable Mascara
Rule Breaker lip gloss
Watch my tutorial below!!

Suitable substitutes !!

This look will work with any of our eye shadow quads or you might have some similar colours in your kit at home. As long as you have a highlighter, a “skin” colour and a dark “shade” colour and a pinky/purpley shadow or blush similar to what I have used.

Please keep in mind that it looks slightly different on me because I have a different eye shape.

The most beautiful makeup of a woman is passion.
But cosmetics are easier to buy
. - Yves Saint Laurent

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